Pole Position ... for your benefit

ProdEq is the leading supplier of used and overhauled fineblanking and forming equipment.

We have sold more than 100 fineblanking presses made by FEINTOOL, SCHMID or HYDREL to all continents.

More than that:
Also if it is about toolroom, coil equipment or secondary operations ... we have got the machines.

Overhaul and Modernisation

The feasible alternative to a new machine.

With our contractual partners in Switzerland and Spain we overhaul and modernise mechanical and hydraulic fineblanking presses of FEINTOOL and SCHMID.

Presses modernised by our partners have state of the art hydraulics, drives and controls. They will ensure reliable production for many additional years.

Do you know this situation ?
Your existing fineblanking press would require overhaul urgently. But production comes first and you cannot do it without the press. What to do ?

Alternative A: You increase your maintenance efforts and continue running, until ...

Alternative B: Let us overhaul another press for you and replace it against your old one.


Solutions from one source ...

  • fineblanking
  • uncoiling/straightening
  • surface grinding
  • EDM
  • linishing
  • vibration deburring
  • washing
... and never forget: We love to take back your "old one"