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sistema di azionamento:  idraulica
apertura verso l’alto:  sì
numero di bielle / cilindri:   1
numero di azioni slitta:   1
slide ejectors / cushion:  sì
apertura nella tavola:  no
forza totale:   800 to
Piano sotto
Superficie di serraggio larghezza:   1300 mm
Superficie di serraggio profondità:   1300 mm
corsa:   700 mm
slide ejector / cushion
forza nominale:   5 to
corsa:   20 mm
Montaggio Stampi
distance table - slide max.:   1200 mm
luce anteriore tra le colonne:   1325 mm
Dati elettrici di collegamento
potenza assorbita (totale):   400 kW
Misure / pesi
Altezza totale:   6100 mm
Peso totale approssimativo:   55000 kg
Accessori (pressa)
automazione pressa:  sì
acc. to actual accident protection regulation:  sì
conforme CE:  sì
Isothermal forging is a type of forging process that involves shaping a material while maintaining its temperature at a constant level throughout the forging process.
The key advantage of isothermal forging is that it allows the production of complex, high-precision parts that would be difficult or impossible to create using other forging methods. The constant temperature also helps to prevent defects such as cracking, which can occur when a material is cooled too quickly after being shaped.
Isothermal forging is commonly used in the production of components for high-performance applications such as aerospace, automotive engineering and orthopedic implants, where the strength, durability, and precision of the parts are crucial. It can be used with a wide range of materials, including steel, titanium, and aluminum alloys, among others.

The isothermal forging cell essentially consists of the following components:
- Forging press Siempelkamp 800 to from year of construction 2016
- Attachments for cell enclosure (charging and cleaning side)
- Inductive die heating (upper and lower die)
- Rotary hearth furnace FK DH11/13E from year of construction 2016,
  54 KW, max. temp. 1300 °C
  for titanium and nickel alloys
- Universal charging manipulator with max. handling weight 8 kg
- Inductive die heating ITG ITPA 2k80+80 From year of construction 2015, 200 kVA
- Technical equipment for controlled purging of the enclosure with nitrogen
  and for controlled ventilation of the enclosure with atmospheric air
- Oxygen measuring equipment
- Feed lock DN 500 for max. component dimensions 350 x 250 x 100 mm
- Furnace airlock
- Set-up doors on the operator side of the press cell
- Hydraulics with max. operating pressure 320 bar, power consumption 35 kW
- Electrical system

Thomas Berger

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