SMT MV20 BL5022


Flanging Machine






MV20 BL5022




Contact Person:

ProdEq Deutschland GmbH

Thomas Berger

+49 2192 935 382
Electrical specifications
total power consumption:   55 kW
Dimensions / weights
total weight approx.:   70000 kg
Maximum wall thicknesses:
Material up to approx. 450 N/mm² max. 22mm (steel)
Material up to approx. 750 N/mm² max. 17.5mm (stainless steel)
Maximum diameter :
dished end approx. 5000 mm
Basket arch bottom approx. 3200 mm
Minimum diameter :
dished end approx. 1200 mm
Corner radius :
Range 150 - 500 mm
Largest corner radius 500 mm
Clear width clamping bracket approx. 5800 mm
Max. Sheet thickness clamping approx. 32 mm
Electrical power :
Main drive approx. 55KW
Shifting drive approx. 1,5/9 KW
Hydraulic unit approx. 11 KW
additional pressure roller drive approx. 7,5 KW

Accessories :
Push rollers additional drive
2 lateral pressure rollers
Form roller change console
Central lubrication
Clamping device oL 5033

Included :
Tools for flanging :
1 piece standard flanging roller
4 pieces cast iron flanging rollers
R85, R125, R150, R175
7 flanging rollers made of 1.2379
R225, R250, R300, R350, R400, R450, R500
New spare parts :
New clamping plate bearing
New threaded spindle with nut
New form roller shaft

Thomas Berger

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