ProdEq Group - Partner of the Industry.
Wholesale trading of metalworking machinery.
We sell and buy:
  • machine tools
  • metal manufacturing machinery
  • used industrial equipment
  • complete plants
Our international sales network provides access to the global markets of used / secondhand machinery.

Online Machinery Directory:
Search and find your desired equipment and machine tool (CNC or non-CNC) in our online directory. All machines for sale are published with comprehensive information.

Large projects - small projects:
We realize auctions and liquidations and carry out the sales of your surplus equipment. Please contact us upon any upcoming sales of surplus assets. We trade single machines as well as complete industrial plants.

Regardlessly if you sell or buy used machines or equipment. Base your selling decision on our appraisal and your buying decision on our technical advice.

More than secondhand:
We also trade a selected portfolio of new equipment, just ask us.

Trade and service:
Ask for after sales services as disassembly, overhauls, transportation, import & export, and financing.