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No need to worry. Our internal database knows many additional possibilities.

On our website we only publish machines with checked availability.

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How do you find out about our tomorrow's offer?

Either visit our website every day - or simply use our search subscription. Just provide your desired technical specifications and you will then be informed by e-mail about any suitable machine. This service is free of charge and can be stopped at any time.

How we process your request?

First, your information will be checked by us. if necessary, we will contact you for further clarification. After that, contact details and specifications will be stored in our database.

Then you will receive an email for each current and future purchase opportunity in the range of your specifications.

How we handle your data?

Your contact information will only be used and shared within the ProdEq Group. We do not give third parties access to your data. Neutralized specifications, however, may be shared or published.

Use our search subscription and save valuable time!

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