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Press Design
drive system:  eccentric / crank
frame design:  H-frame, monoblock
openings in uprights:  yes
number of suspensions:   2
number of slide actions:   1
table cushion:  yes
quick die change system:  yes
feedstock transport direction:  left to right
Press forces
total force (nominal):   400 to
nominal work capacity:   32 kNm
Press Table
table surface (left-right):   2600 mm
table surface (front-back):   990 mm
thickness of bolster plate:   200 mm
height above floor level:   800 mm
opening in bed (left-right):   2250 mm
opening in bed (front-back):   280 mm
slide force:   400 to
table surface (left-right):   2600 mm
table surface (front-back):   990 mm
stroke:   210 mm
stroke rate (max.):   90 /min
slide (mechan. Press)
slide adjustment:   150 mm
stroke rate (min.):   25 /min
stroke rate (max.):   90 /min
hydraulic overload protection:  yes
main drive power:   72 kW
slide ejector / cushion
number of ejectors:   13
nominal force:   3.7 to
stroke:   89 mm
Tool Assembly Dimensions
shut height (stroke down, adjustment up), BDC:   705 mm
distance between columns (H-frame):   2900 mm
passline opening (free passage in side columns):   900 mm
free passage between side columns (height):   545 mm
Coil Chair
coil weight max.:   3 to
stroke:   550 mm
design:  single reel, traversable
sheet width max.:   400 mm
sheet width (min):   30 mm
coil weight max.:   3 to
max. diameter of coil:   1500 mm
mandrel expansion range from:   460 mm
mandrel expansion range up to:   530 mm
Leveller Unit
sheet width max.:   400 mm
sheet thickness max.:   5 mm
sheet thickness min.:   0.5 mm
number of leveller rolls:   9
diameter of leveller rolls:   50 mm
number of infeed-/outfeed rolls:   2
diameter of feed rolls:   150 mm
loop controls:  yes
feeder type:  roll feeder
roll diameter:   120 mm
pilot release system:  yes
Transfer System
distance between tools, stroke X max.:   300 mm
distance between tools, stroke X min.:   90 mm
Inner width clamping rails closed max.:   340 mm
Electrical specifications
mains voltage:   400 V
mains frequency:   50 Hz
Dimensions / weights
height above floor level:   6300 mm
total weight approx.:   73000 kg
Coil line KOHLER Zig-zag feed 2-axis transfer unit Press force monitoring BRANKAMP cushion mounting bar in table with exchangeable pneumatic cushion units MAYFRAN scrap conveyor (cross conveyor) optional (separate offer): MAYFRAN longitudinal conveyor and scrap loading station with swiveling outlet. Condition: Machine serviced annually, good overall condition. next safety check 11/2024

Frank Goedicke

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